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Adventure Time creator’s ACNL home

Here’s a short tour of Pendleton Ward’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf house — we only catch a glimpse of his living room, but we do get to see his bedroom and basement, the latter comprising a bathtub, a watching tanuki statue, and a theremin.

More fun Pen Ward/ACNL links:

I want to see everyone’s ACNL home.

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Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward now has a video game-focused Tumblr blog with cute Mario GIFs!

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WayForward making Adventure Time DS!

"Who wants to play video games?"

Pendleton Ward, creator of Cartoon Network’s cherished program Adventure Time, has revealed that the show will receive a DS game later this year, courtesy of WayForward Technologies (Aliens: Infestation Mighty Switch Force).

I’m a little disappointed that it’s not for 3DS (a few early reports have called it a 3DS project), I still can’t wait to see what they do with Beemo in the game.

There are no details beyond what we’ve already shared, but Ward posted some fun sketches that you can see after the break. Next up: a Regular Show game. Yeahhh-uh.

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What if Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward and Natasha Allegri made a Pokemon animation about Ash and Pikachu farting? No need to wonder, it is a thing that exists!

Something about this reminds me a lot of Mare Odomo’s take on Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, except it’s animated, and instead of crying because it’s so beautifully cruel, you’re crying because Ash believes no one will hear him passing gas so long as he’s clapping.

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A BFF Production: BMO mends Finn and Jake’s friendship in Adventure Time's “Movie Makers” episode. See, portable game consoles bring friends together! This is one of the animated series' most touching moments, right up there with that time when Marceline's father hears her play "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?"

I’m so jealous of JC, who will get to see Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward (and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes developer Capy) at the free/open-to-the-public Juegos Rancheros event in Austin tomorrow in Austin. If you’re in the area, you should attend, too!

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Sketches for an Adventure Time DS game by Pendleton Ward, creator of the Cartoon Network show.

Before you start celebrating, these aren’t for a project already in development. Ward posted these doodles recently with an idle note: “I just thought of a good Nintendo DS game.. All by myself.. Thinking about.. How fighting could work in the Adventure Time game.. “

Who knows, maybe some ambitious developer will turn this into a real thing for the Nintendo 3DS? OMG, can you imagine it, Lumpy Space Princess in stereoscopic 3D?!

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