Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Online import shop Play Asia is celebrating the Year of the Tiger with a Roaring Lucky Lunar New Year Sale starting today and ending February 11th. I haven’t spotted any noteworthy Nintendo DS discounts yet,but the store has marked down nearly 5,000 in-stock items.

As an incentive, Play Asia is giving away prizes to customers that put in orders, so anything you buy is an opportunity to win a PS3 Slim FFXIII bundle, a Nintendo DSi LL/XL, store credit, and more. Let us know if you see any decent deals!

Online import shop Play-Asia cut prices for thousands of its games and products as part of its Lucky Spring Sale, with each customer order entered in a raffle for a variety of prizes — a Nintendo DSi, a Limited Edition Biohazard 5 console pack (PS3 or Xbox 360), store credit, etc.

Their dicounted DS catalog has dozens of Japanese and U.S. titles on sale and accessories, too!); keep in mind that the DS has no region-locking and can play games from other territories.

Update: Here are a few DS deals I picked out:

And some notable non-DS markdowns:

Again, for $299 ($320+ for U.S. shipping).

Amazon.co.jp and stores in Japan are also beginning to accept reservations. Here’s a shot of a DSi advertisement at Sofmap’s main branch in Akihabara:

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[Thanks, Stan64!]

If you didn’t pick up Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2! Duo during the last Play-Asia sale, now they’re selling the limited edition for $40. The price is a bit high for an impulse novelty purchase, but it’s low for this item, which usually sells for about $95.

I passed on several good games yesterday while I was out shopping, and yet I’m totally considering this. Thanks, Play-Asia.

Do I dare spend twenty bucks on Play-Asia’s weekly special, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo? Like every other DS fan, I’ve had a bizarre fascination with SNK’s witch-touching series. Chris Kohler’s disappointment with the drudgery of the first game only intensified the feeling for me. It’s a game about bothering young girls … and it’s boring? That only makes it seem more hilarious to me.

I guess I’m just predisposed to love all DS oddities. Maybe I can convince myself it’s for the site in some capacity.

No matter how often I tell myself that I have no use for a Game Boy Micro, the urge to buy one damn near consumes me every time the tiny handheld is brought up.

Korean writer and games journalist Nick Rumas just bought one, and seeing that I want to be Nick when I grow up, I’m again struggling to not spend money that should stay in my savings account, where it’ll come in handy once the economy catches up to my employers.

Play Asia’s current $50 sale for the hardware’s Famicom edition is sure to be the death of my resistance. From what I hear, a local shop even has used systems for $35!