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Who was the Poltergeist King?

During my daily trawl of the Select Button forums, I came across this strange excerpt taken from the manual for Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse:

"The last line of defense is you, Trevor Belmont — the forefather of Simon Belmont and the origin of the Belmont Warlord Chromosomes. But your chances are slimmer than Jim. In fact, the only real edge you have over this fang sharpened freak is your power to transform into three different partner spirits…

You must also possess the strength to wield the mighty Battle Axe and Mystic Whip, which were given to you by the Poltergeist King.”

"Slimmer than Jim"? Really? And who is the Poltergeist King? He doesn’t appear in the game, and the Japanese instructional book makes no mention of him!

A bit of sleuthing (which may or may not have involved searching for his name on Google) revealed his background story in this episode of Captain N:

Somehow, DiC Entertainment managed to do more damage to the Castlevania name than the Worlds of Power book series or Castlevania Judgment (or any other 3D Castlevania game for that matter).

The Castlevania Wiki also noticed this interesting detail from the Captain N episode:

"In one scene, the Poltergeist King (or rather, Dracula in disguise), appears as a whirl-wind. This suggests that the Poltergeist King may have been responsible for the tornado that helped Simon Belmont get around the Deborah Cliff in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest.”

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