Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Nintendo postcards by Daruma Studio, posted for and sold by Game & Graphics. The four Nintendo-themed designs all have art on the reverse that combines to form a larger piece full of console images and logos.

The main designs remind me of the Bape Mario x Milo collection, which I loved.

A full set is just 2 euros right now! Be sure to look around the store for more cool designs, including a Game Boy/BMO shirt!

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Noora and the Time Studio postcard, and the cover of the postcard book it comes in. These way-cute items, along with a soundtrack and character design minibook, comprise the “premium set" for the new RPG by Etrian Odyssey 2/3 director Shigeo Komori.

Rather than a higher-priced special edition, this “premium set” is being given away with a limited number of first-run copies of the game. And that rarity will ensure that none of those postcards will be used as postcards, ever.

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[Via Dengeki]