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A new handheld challenger approaches: Shield

Nvidia’s Project Shield isn’t the prettiest system — this thing looks like a home-console-to-portable hack project, or like a portable DVD player with the original Xbox controller attached to it — but the specs will probably excite hardware nerds.

The Android Jelly Bean-based console is built on Nvidia’s latest Tegra 4 chip, and sports a 5-inch touchscreen display (720p). Along with the ability to stream PC games (similar to how Wii U’s GamePad streams games from the system), the digital-only handheld can download Android titles from the Nvidia TegraZone and Google Play stores. It also has cloud gaming capabilities.

Nvidia hasn’t announced pricing on the system yet, but it intends to release Shield in the second quarter of 2013, presuming it doesn’t get Pansonic Jungle’d.

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