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Nintendo’s second Dragon Quest IX commercial starring Seth Green. I’m sure most RPG/DQ fans disagree with me on this, but I actually find these spots entertaining. I’m not sure if they’ll convince gamers to pick this up, though…

While DQIX isn’t supposed to go on sale until this Sunday, folks are telling us that some shops are already parting with their copies, and that the game’s ROM has appeared on several piracy sites.

Many of those scoundrels downloading the game, though, are having trouble getting it to run on their flashcarts, so we’re not that jealous yet about all the people who get to play the JRPG early. I presume that won’t last long, as hackers are bound to release patches circumventing those anti-piracy protections within a few hours… :o/

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Dragon Quest IX commercial for North America starring Seth Green. Having the co-creator of Robot Chicken and the voice of Family Guy's Chris Griffin shill for your RPG might seem like an odd choice, but Nintendo is all about hiring celebrities like Beyonce, Patrick Stewart, and Nicole Kidman to push its big titles.

And in Japan, where Square Enix handles the publishing and marketing for Dragon Quest itself, the members of all-male idol group SMAP serve as the spokesmodels for the franchise. So Seth Green doesn’t seem like that odd of a representative in that context. Also, the commercial isn’t that bad! I’m just happy to see Nintendo flexing its marketing muscle for Dragon Quest IX.

Preorder: Dragon Quest IX (July 11th)

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