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Making their New York City debut, Meishi Smile will be playing Friday night’s stage at lWlVl. Founder of the Zoom Lens label and collective, Meishi Smile will likely be delighting the crowd with some excellent j-club, shoegaze, and j-pop jams (I’m personally hoping to hear some bed squeaks).

"HONEY" is a track from Meishi Smile’s first album that came out earlier this year, which also features an excellent chippy remix of the same track by gigandect.

Reminder: Tickets for August 22nd and 23rd’s lWlVl festival in NYC are still available. If you’re into a lot of the music we post on this blog, you will not want to miss it!

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Get In The Groove, Shoegazekid

DS-10 Dominator • The Smallest Party Ever

An older favorite of mine, DS-10 Dominator a.k.a. Rutger Muller lays down some fine shoegaze-style electro house grooves. This track opens for a whole album of DS-10 jams called The Smallest Party Ever, which contains a combination of several electronic genres all on the same album, DS-10 Dominator is defintely not afraid to get into those pounding techno beats.

You should also check out "My House is a Cocoon", an Amiga bitpop track by Rutger’s other project called Diskette Deluxe.

BUY Korg DS-10 Plus, an updated version of the software DS-10 Dominator uses
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Cuando Sea Grande - Balun

Cuando Sea Grande

Balun • La Luna

I’m uncertain if Balún really qualifies as “chiptunes,” but I’ve always loved featuring the band’s music here, and — though I have to often remind myself of the fact — this is our blog and ISDGAF if something I want to post doesn’t necessarily fall within our typical parameters.

That aside, the Puerto Rican group included this song in a new, three-track release called La Luna, or as I understand it in English, The Luna. It’s beautiful stuff. Download it for free, enjoy it, and then go through our archive to listen to more of Balún’s dreamy music.

"Dream About Me" by The Depreciation Guild.

I know they’re softspoken pretty boys, or at least the lead singer is, but I think I’ve found my new favorite chiptune group. This shouldn’t surprise you, as I’ve made no secret of my micromusic preferences — shoegaze and vocals.

That fuzzy chiptune elements are subtle, made possible by a Nintendo soundcard, according to Kanine Records, the band’s label. The Depreciation Guild will release “Dream About Me” on white 7” vinyl and via digital download.

Preorder: "Dream About Me" vinyl

See also: “Shoeface (demo)” by AlexLuthor

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"Shoeface (demo)" by AlexLuthor.

If you want me to feature your music here, all you pretty much have to do is compose a rad shoegaze chiptune track. For real reals, I love songs like these.

I’ve downloaded several chiptune compilation releases in this past week that I’m sure are great, but I haven’t found time to listen to them yet. Maybe you can tell me if they’re awesome or not:

See also: “Berceuse” by Balún, “Ultimately, We Just Want to be Happy” by Chipzel”