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Sega 3D Classics shirts ⊟

One of each, please! Well, maybe. I don’t know if I’ve got what it takes to pull off the all-over arcade art print, all dragon grimacing in my armpit. But I want to have what it takes. I would be a Sega 3D Classic.

These Space Harrier, Galaxy Force 2 and Altered Beast shirts are sold through the Japanese Geek Life store and will be available in April. It looks like the store ships outside of Japan…

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We puzzled over why the horizon line was higher on certain cabinets, and the dev team came to the conclusion that the sticks in the cabinets were probably loose. Our warehouse kit hadn’t really been used all that much, and it also gets maintenance from time to time, so it’s in pretty good condition.

But the cabinets at arcades have been out there for over 20 years, and their sticks get worn out. When you fix an arcade stick that’s broken, its throw distance changes, and as a result the player’s movement also changes. When sticks loosen, you can move them further than you previously could, allowing you wider control of Harrier.

So anyone who plays the cabinet nowadays may be using a joystick that’s in poor shape, and they might find that the horizon line is higher than what they remember as the real Space Harrier, and we can’t deny that. Generally speaking, we were left with the conclusion that the Wii version is in line with what the developers imagined at the original release.

As a side note, the 32X and Sega Saturn version differ in the same way, with the Saturn version’s horizon line staying low like the Wii version.

…and that’s why 3D Space Harrier has adjustable character motion ranges ⊟

In this really, really detailed interview posted on the Sega blog, you learn not only way too much about how to make a good emulated version of Space Harrier, including how to source old papercraft models of arcade cabinets for 3DS menu icons, but also how M2 got started porting Sega games. Maybe my favorite thing I’ve read in a couple of months.

3D Space Harrier came out on the eShop today, for 6 bucks! Also on the eShop today: 3D Super Hang-On and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom.

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Wait, what? 3D Space Harrier coming to the eShop? It’s based on the original arcade version, with widescreen support and, naturally, stereoscopic 3D. That’s interesting enough, but Sega also plans to put out more of these!

At least someone’s picking up from where Nintendo left off with its hit-or-miss 3D Classics line. That logo, though, doesn’t instill much confidence…

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