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Limited edition 3DS XL for Super Robot Wars UX

More nice things we can’t have! This one is for the latest entry to Namco Bandai’s niche tactical RPG series. These crossover games rarely make it out of Japan due to their plethora of featured mechas from different anime franchises.

Here’s a trailer for Super Robot Wars UX that features a bunch of special attacks (one of the series’ primary attractions) — at the 2:05 mark, there’s a… Hatsune Miku mecha. 

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Super Robot Wars J translation released

Did you know that every time a Super Robot Wars translation patch is completed, a Gundam gets its Wing? It’s true, just like all the other lies that grace this page.

Romhacking Aerie, which also helped translate Tales of Innocence in June, has released an English patch for Super Robot Wars J, which was never going to come out in the States for a number of reasons:

  • It released in Japan way back in 2005, which seems like a century ago in internet/gaming years
  • It’s a GBA title — you might have noticed that publishers haven’t localized many of these lately
  • All the licenses would be a nightmare to negotiate for anyone who’d try to release it in the States

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Super Robot Wars L trailer. I should really pay more attention to these games: even as a non-giant robot anime person, and even less of a strategy RPG person, I found the parade of attack animations in here pretty much irresistible. I’m… totally going to play one of these now.

"Oh, shit!" I thought. "It’s one of the robots from a Gundam show! Oh, wow, now it’s that purple one from Evangelion with the wimpy kid in it!"

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Wooden “Cybuster” statue from Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin: The Lord of Elemental, outside of Messe Sanoh in Akihabara.

The wooden statue, which will be on display through June 6, was carved by “Jason-san,” an otaku artist who uses a chainsaw to carve game and anime characters while wearing a hockey mask. Here he is working on the Cybuster:

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