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Why I didn’t cover the Tegra/New DS rumor

The big rumor this week was that Nintendo contracted Nvidia to produce its Tegra chips¬† — designed for high-end mobile devices — for the Nintendo DSi’s successor (which Citigroup predicts will arrive as soon as next year).

Now, this line of Nvidia chips is impressive, as it makes neat augmented reality projects like ARhrrrr possible, and the upcoming Zune HD even uses one to play high definition video. It’s a pretty big rumor! So, why did I neglect to mention it on Tiny Cartridge?

Well, whenever I’d start to think about the possibilities of a new DS that uses a Tegra chip, I’d immediately seek out and watch this video instead of writing a post:

Yes, I know the spelling is different on the names, but isn’t that way more interesting than a new DS?

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