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New Super Mario Bros. U Wii U GamePad skins

It didn’t take long for Wii U GamePad skins to show up. Play-Asia already has a selection of different designs from Hori, if you want to put Marios and whatnot all over your GamePad.

And, for a subtler look, there are some screen covers by Tenyo that come with lil’ Mario stickers:

Mario and Mario Kart 7 “Chara-Play” screen covers by Tenyo. Have you ever seen a more charming 3DS screen cover? Have you ever seen a screen cover that had any amount of charm at all?

Amazon listings have these coming out in Japan on January 10, at a price of ¥819 ($10.66). No import listings yet, unfortunately, so you won’t be able to look at Mario while you’re looking at Mario.

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[Via Inside-Games]