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Torneko Taloon now chillin’ at Quester’s Rest

Everyone’s favorite RPG shopkeeper and the father of the Mystery Dungeon series Torneko Taloon is now available to download as a Dragon Quest IX inn guest.

Just talk to Selma at the Quester’s Rest, download the latest quest/shop data, then hit the inn elevator to visit Torneko’s room (being the RPG equivalent of rapper Rick Ross both in size and ability to move questionable merchandise, he’s naturally staying in the Royal Suites like a bawse).

Once you meet up with the Dragon Quest IV hero, he’ll give you one of his striped muumuus and a purple vest. If you meet certain conditions, he’ll offer you more copies of his gear. Soon, you, too, will be able to roll around Stornway looking like a bawse, an icy Meteorite Bracer decorating your wrist and Dangerous Bustier-wearing elderly women batting their eyelashes at you.

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[Via Flailthroughs, which is posting an awesome playthrough of Torneko no Daibouken; Image via Junny]

"DQIV, Chapter 3: Torneko’s Song" by Hyadain, subtitled by Enigmaopoeia. Speaking (tangentially) of Chunsoft roguelikes, here’s a song performed by the protagonist of the very first one, singing about his adventures in Dragon Quest IV.

Though I know almost nothing about Dragon Quest storylines (and therefore have little basis for this proclamation), I think Torneko is one of the most interesting RPG protagonists ever. A guy driven not by revenge, or heroism, but the need to stock his shop still seems like a fresh idea. If I could ever get over my fear of endgame grinding enough to play a Dragon Quest game again instead of just reading about them, it would be IV.

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Picture AeroBiz, just with a clothing boutique. Picture the C64 classic Lemonade, only with 10,000 different ways to create beverages and individual customers with unique tastes and repeat business.

Picture the clothing trend aspect of The World Ends With You crossed with Taloon’s chapter from Dragon Warrior IV. Picture a hard-core business simulator mixed with a puzzle game and then aimed at tween girls.

A compelling argument for Style Savvy (or Style Boutique in Europe and Girls Mode in Japan). Believe it or not, I’ve heard positive things about this fashion/shop simulator, which releases this week. Those favorable words, however, were likely colored by the glazed eyes of gamers infatuated with any slightly odd title out of Japan — a sentiment I’m sure you’re familiar with, reading this site.

It will take more than comparisons to Taloon’s store from Dragon Quest IV to convince hardcore RPG fans to bring a box that looks like this to the counter, though:

Still, I’m curious to hear how the Taloon comparison holds up — are you a bad enough dude to purchase Style Savvy, pick out (virtual) women’s clothes, and dress your customers? If so, let us know if the game’s just as fun as playing an arms merchant in Dragon Quest IV.

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[Via Lunker]

After releasing a v0.2 patch last September, Xvirus took a break from his Shiren DS 2 translation efforts, citing difficulties with replacing the Japanese dialogue:

"The main reason that it was put on hold was that there were odd things happening when I translated the dialogue. I’m not sure how it happened, but after I translated the dialogue in a building, it would lock you in there and let you clip through walls.

There has been some more work done on the game though, particularly with the in-dungeon text. I just think it needs to be a bit more polished before a new version gets put out.”

The v0.2 patch is still useful even without any dialogue or monster/item descriptions, as most of the menus, monsters names, and item names are translated. Almost half of the in-game messages are also in English. It’s your best option for playing Shiren DS 2 for now, lest Atlus decides to pick it up for North America like it did with Shiren 3.

In Shiren DS 2's stead, Xvirus is working on another project that fans of Chunsoft roguelikes will appreciate: Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibouken 3 Advance. Starring Dragon Quest IV's lovable shopkeeper Taloon (Torneko), the GBA game has the merchant exploring dungeons for items to stock his store with.

This is the last untranslated Torneko roguelike. The first Super Famicom game, which you might recognize from John Harris’s magnificent playthrough diaries, spawned the Mystery Dungeon series and received a fan translation. The second Torneko title, released to PS1 and GBA, somehow made it to the States as Torneko: The Last Hope (only the PS1 version, though).

Xvirus’s team, Orenji Translations, is looking for help with the Torneko 3 patch, so if you have any Japanese translation skills, please volunteer them for this project!

One last bit of roguelike news — look at what came in the mail, courtesy of JC and his recent Tokyo trip:

It’s the original Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer! It has a “2” on it because this is the second Mystery Dungeon title, following right after the first Torneko game. Now, all I need is a Super Famicom to play this with.

Import: Shiren the Wanderer DS 2 ($48.90)

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