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Thinkgeek’s Mega Man Mega Buster ⊟

Man, it’s got lights on the arm and the barrel, for when you shoot or charge. “Hold in the trigger, though, and you’ll watch the power meter fill and the sound intensify until you release the trigger, firing a charged shot!”

This is the ideal toy for me. I just want to wear one of these all the time – all slamming into my toast with my useless arm, because I refuse to take this off.

This ships in December for $80 from Thinkgeek. Via Protodude!

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Monster Hunter 4 Felyne Tank RC ⊟

Wow, this looks fun! Capcom and Kyosho are releasing a remote-controlled toy Felyne Tank (as seen in Monster Hunter 4) this fall, for 12,800 yen ($125). It shoots a missile!

This was shown off at the Tokyo Toy Show, and spotted by Hobby Media.

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Check out the Amiibo figurines ⊟

Nintendo sent out a few pics of the Smash Bros. Amiibo figurines. Here’s what they do:

In Super Smash Bros., players can battle alongside or against their amiibo characters, leveling them up in the process. They can then bring them to a friend who has a Wii U and the game to show off how they’ve trained and customized their characters.

Bet you never thought you’d be excited about buying a tiny statue of the Wii Fit trainer, but that’s where we are now. In addition to the Wii U version, Nintendo will release an NFC reader for 3DS next year so you can put toys into your games there too.

Trailer after the break (gonna see that a lot today):

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New Harvest Moon means new Harvest Moon plush ⊟

Natsume is flipping the script with a new internally developed Harvest Moon, but only partially changing things up with the expected cute plush animals. The script is half-flipped, propped delicately up on its side. Now, instead of pre-order bonuses, these adorable dog, chicken, and egg/chick toys will be sold for $25 each (via Tomopop).

If you’re at E3 this week, though, rush to Natsume’s booth, check out their lineup, and possibly walk out with the special E3 version of the plush dog, with a blue bandana! 

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So many cute, stackable Kirbys ⊟

Sleeping Kirby! Bloated and uncertain Kirby! American Kirby! Ensky will release this set in Japan on July 25 for ¥2,376 (around $23).

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Why did Kotobukiya make a Valkyrie figure in 2014 ⊟

Sure, why not have a toy of this relatively obscure Namco character [via GAME Watch]? It comes out in September for 4,500 yen and includes shield, sword and helmet accessories.

If you like Legend of the Valkyrie, you’ve read Ashley Davis’s cute comic on ShiftyLook, right?

  • Source main.kotobukiya.co.jp

Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red available for pre-order ⊟

J-List just posted pre-orders for the ostensibly Pokemon Center-exclusive Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid! I did a quick look around at other shops and didn’t see it yet.

So… you can get one, even though I thought nobody outside of Japan would be able to. That’s cool. There is a small issue, however, and that is the issue of a hundred fifteen dollars. I mean, the figure does come with little starter Pokemon and some cool accessories… but that’s a bit of a premium over the Japanese price. I’m assuming the stock is somewhat hard to come by.

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More shots of the Trainer Red nendoroid ⊟

I’m not really into owning video game figures, and I’m not even that serious about ‘mons, but I’m seriously considering picking up this nendoroid when Good Smile releases it to Japan this September (priced at ¥4,500/$44).

Real talk, I’d be more excited if this showed up on my doorstep than I would be if someone sent me Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

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  • Source goodsmile.info

Gravity Rush Kat figurine ⊟

This amazing item (via Siliconera) will be released in September in Japan, for 9500 yen ($93). It’ll come in both a regular, game-accurate version and a winking “White Kat” version. She has ice cream in that configuration. Why not, I guess.

Hey, here’s my periodic reminder that if you have a Vita and you haven’t played Gravity Rush yet, that would be a good thing to do when you find the time. It’s in the PS Plus Instant Game Collection and everything.

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Pokemon Trainer Red as a Nendoroid ⊟

Cute! … and exclusive to Pokemon Centers in Japan! So enjoy these pictures (via @zerochan and NintendoTweet), I guess. Red will release on September 27 for ¥4,500, or around $44.

I like how he has three different poses pictured, all of which involve holding a hand out. He’ll come with a few accessories (Pokedex, Poke Ball, and Master Ball), as well as three mons (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle).

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Nintendo making Skylanders-style figure series for Wii U and 3DS ⊟

Called “NFP” (NFC Featured Platform/Nintendo Figure Platform) the characters will allow users to carry save data between games, building a customized character on the figure. They’ll work with the Wii U GamePad’s NFC, and Nintendo will also sell a thingy for 3DS.

Nintendo will show more software and details of this program at E3. Other news out of the latest investor presentation: a Mario Kart 8 “TV” smartphone app, allowing sharing of in-game videos and ranking data. Oh, and a Wii U update that speeds up startup by 20 seconds, coming in June. Okay, there’s some news, good night!

  • Source nintendo.co.jp

New Animal Crossing vinyl toys ⊟

These Sofubi toys come in sets of two from J-List: KK and Isabelle, and Tom Nook and Reese. Each set of 4.5” figures sells for $38. Your desk/shelf could potentially have a lot of Isabelles on it by now…

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