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The eShop, I feel, has really turned things around for Nintendo on the digital side because the storefront is heavily feature-driven. Any publisher can still produce whatever it wants, similar to iOS in both regards. However, given the feature-oriented nature, the eShop is quasi-curated without being some lame PR line like, ‘consciously developing a curated portfolio.’ That’s a steaming pile of PR right there, but that’s another story altogether.

Nicalis’s Tyrone Rodriguez praising the eShop in a Destructoid interview. No matter how you feel about the 3DS’s online store, there’s no denying it’s at least better than DSiWare.

Rodriguez goes on to explain that the eShop’s ability to feature some stuff over others helps the good software be noticed, unlike the DSi and Wii where everything is buried in an egalitarian manner.

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Tiny Q&A: Nicalis on Cave Story’s jump to DSiWare, upcoming WiiWare update

Though the indie studio has a lot on its plate — NightSky, La-Mulana, and Cave Story WiiWare’s European release — Nicalis took some time to talk with Tiny Cartridge about its newest project: Cave Story for DSiWare.

Here, producer Tyrone Rodriguez discusses the challenges of adapting the game for the Nintendo DSi, why it chose to port Cave Story to the unappreciated DSiWare platform, when you might see it on the DSi Shop, and what the studio learned from how fans reacted to the WiiWare release. He also mentions an upcoming bug fix update for the WiiWare edition, which I know many have begged for.

So, read all that and more past the break:

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Cave Story creator Daisuke “Pixel” gives his first video interview for Nintendo’s Developer’s Voice series (with a lot of bits from Nicalis producer Tyrone Rodriguez).

Pixel, if you’re not familiar with the name by now, is the brilliant designer who created all the graphics, code, music, and everything else for landmark indie game Cave Story, which see a remake release on WiiWare next week, courtesy of Nicalis. Next week! See, I told you it wouldn’t be long!

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Interview with Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez on Cave Story.

There are a few spoilers in this clip, but you can hear a short bit of music at the 00:25 mark, and Rodriguez also talks about the WiiWare game possibly coming before year’s end at 500 - 1000 Wii Points.

More video and music: Grasstown Gameplay and Slippery Bogle Gameplay.

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During his trip to Japan over the next two weeks, Nicalis head Tyrone Rodriguez intends to meet with Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya (Pixel) to show off the latest build for the upcoming WiiWare port/remake.

Apparently, he also intends to have Pixel sign a few Wii Remotes and a Wii with some of his artwork. Possibly for a giveaway? Count me in on that business.

This post was an excuse to both talk about Cave Story and share this “Doukutsu Damacy" art from oh8.