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Scott Pilgrim game releases for Not DS today

If you have a PS3, starting today, you can play Scott Pilgrim vs The World, the River City Ransom-style 2D brawler based on the film/comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

For those with just an Xbox 360, you’ll have to wait two weeks before you can enjoy the downloadable game’s Anamanaguchi-provided chiptune soundtrack and awesome pixelart. That might seem like a long time to wait, but just think about all the other poor (and some would say superior) consoles that won’t receive it at all!

O’Malley posted a tweet last night notifying fans on when they’ll see the game for the DS and other systems:

"Never. Stop asking. I want you to suffer."

Oh well. At least you can still enjoy a for-sure/totally-intended Tiny Cartridge cameo in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Also, enjoy the new trailer above!

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New, direct-feed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World screenshots.

The good news: It’s a four-player brawler featuring Scott Pilgrim (naturally), his girlfriend Ramona Flowers, and bandmates Kim Pine and Stephen Stills as playable characters with unique movesets — names that likely don’t mean much to you unless you’ve any familiarity with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic.

Along with standard attacks, blocks, grapples, and weapons, your characters can taunt enemies, summon mystical ninjas, and more. You can also level up to gain new abilities, and collect cash to spend in shops scattered around the game, à la River City Ransom.

The bad news: It’s releasing for PSN this August and for Xbox 360 (likely also as a downloadable game?) at a later date. Doesn’t look like there’s a DS version. Bow bow.

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[Via Game Informer]

A song from the Scott Pilgrim video game’s soundtrack performed by Anamanaguchi at PAX East. The chip music group debuted the track against a backdrop of images from the upcoming game — our first look at the title’s amazing sprite work — remixed by visual artists Paris and Outpt.

All the rad people we know are involved in the project:

Ubisoft Montreal, for those who don’t recognize the studio, produced 2007’s TMNT GBA game, which was a pretty fun old school TMNT/River City Ransom-esque brawler. Hopefully, this video game adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic will turn out as fun as that GBA release under these talented folks’s direction.

In case you skipped it yesterday, we posted direct-feed screenshots of the game from this Anamanaguchi performance, courtesy of Attract Mode.

And one last reminder for PAX East attendees: Visit our Attract Mode friends at 2 Player Productions’s booth by the main theater, and mention Tiny Cartridge to get a 10 percent discount on their excellent gear!

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[Via Anamanaguchi, ZenAlbatross]

First look at the Scott Pilgrim video game, and it’s the business. In its PAX East concert last night, chip music rockers Anamanaguchi revealed it’s handling the soundtrack for the game adaptation of the Bryan Lee O’Malley movie/comic.

Paul Robertson, who does some fuck-awesome sprite work for 5th Cell, is providing artwork and animation help for the 8-bit-styled 2D brawler (these shots give me a River City Ransom vibe). If this turns out anything like Robertson’s Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 production, WOO DOGGY.

I wasn’t interested at first when I learned Ubisoft Montreal was creating a Scott Pilgrim game, but Pixeltao’s involvement in the project made me a little curious. Now that I hear Anamanaguchi and Paul Robertson are up in this bitch, this thing sounds like a dream. I’m way more excited after seeing these shots than I was after watching the Scott Pilgrim movie trailer.

The gents at Attract Mode have more details and dozens of exclusive screenshots from the game. Don’t forget that if you visit Attract Mode’s booth at PAX East and mention our site, they’ll give you a 10 percent discount on their rad merch, just like that. That’s how great these dudes are.

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