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Fang is kind of a jerk

Did anyone shell out the $30 to cop Unchained Blades on eShop a few weeks ago? I hope this digital-only experiment (for what was a retail game in Japan) worked out for Xseed.

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Unchained Blades trailer. Released as a retail game in Japan, XSEED is localizing this dungeon RPG as an eShop game for 3DS, and as a PSN game for PSP.

It’s an experiment, one that takes kind of the opposite approach of the MonkeyPaw/Gaijinworks Kickstarter — a lower-cost digital release of a formerly physical game. It’s also an experiment I hope works out, because I want the doors to be thrown wide open for publishers to bring Japan-only 3DS games to the eShop. Imagine being able to play Code of Princess with no chance of anyone seeing you buy Code of Princess!

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