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Epigram - Bear & Walrus


Bear & Walrus • Image Poems

"Epigram" by Bear & Walrus. Keeping with our music-themed posts today, here’s one of 10 tracks from the chiptune/baroquetronica group’s new Image Poems album inspired by “early 20th century poetry focused around ideas about the precision of imagery and the simplicity of nature.”

I wanted to feature this stuff, too, but my huge backlog of work stole all my time today (Tumblr’s one-song-a-day audio uploading limit didn’t help):

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SignField: Version 2 (Seinfeld theme on Korg M01) - Peter Locke

SignField: Version 2 (Seinfeld theme on Korg M01)

Peter Locke

Sign Field" by UncleBibby. Yes, it is in fact possible to accurately recreate the Seinfeld theme song in Korg M01. Yes, Korg M01 came out. These are two things I didn’t know until just now!

Actually, Korg M01 is currently only available as an import. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s also out of stock at Play-Asia. :(

Buy: Korg DS-10 Plus ($13.78!), Seinfeld: The Complete Series (way more than $13.78!)

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Ambient Rave - mathgrant

Ambient Rave


Ambient Rave,” a percussion-heavy track made entirely in WarioWare DIY by mathgrant. I’m pretty delighted that almost a year later, people are still experimenting with one small component (the music tools) of this one odd game creation utility. That’s great!

Oh, and in related chiptune news, UncleBibby tells us that he’s just released a DSi/iPhone-produced EP titled Made On The Go: Music Made On Portable Devices. You can stream the album for free or buy it here.

Make Your Own Ambient Music With: WarioWare: D.I.Y. 

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RadSalad - Peter Locke


Peter Locke

RadSalad" by UncleBibby. After we posted his arrangement of the Legend of Zelda dungeon theme, UncleBibby linked me to this original composition, also made entirely in the DSiWare app Rytmik. Pretty dang catchy!

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DoneJohn - Peter Locke


Peter Locke

"DoneJohn" by UncleBibby. Following last week’s WarioWare DIY-created “Mega Micromusic” album, another interesting DS-based work: a cover of The Legend of Zelda's dungeon theme made entirely in the $8 DSiWare music app Rytmik!

There are so many ways to make music with the DS: two Korg DS-10 carts (and the upcoming M01), two Jam Sessionses, six different Music On instruments from Abylight, Rhythm Core Alpha, Electroplankton, tapping on the case with your hands…

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