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DOTAMAxUSK - “通勤ソングに栄光を”

The title of this song translates to “Glory of the Commute”, which is pretty much what it depicts, a salaryman commuting to work in Tokyo. The pixel art animation is by notable Japanese chipmusic visualist m7kenji, who did visuals for several of Blip Festival's live sets (R.I.P.).

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Anamanaguchi and USK (of Portalenz) bringing down the house at Tokyo Blip Fest 2011. This was one of my favorite videos I ever posted to GameSetWatch, which you might have heard is no more. I thought a lot about this performance today, but I don’t know why. I wish I was in that crowd here, that I was a part of this.

I wish I could have come up with some mind-blowing posts to end GameSetWatch’s run with, but instead, if you go there now or anytime in the future, you’ll see a round-up about pinball, some Katsuya Terada art, a funny look at blue and orange video game covers (from the awesome Danny Cowan), and a mock-up of Ponyo for GBC.

I need to make it out to a Blip Fest one of these days.

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"Woodman Stage, Wily Stage 1 (Respect2dabeat Mix)" by USK, from the Chip Tuned Rockman album. I really should have bought this thing at TGS, because this track is amazing. If you thought that reinterpreting a chiptune as a different chiptune wouldn’t result in something different from the original, here’s your counterexample. This is killer, in a completely different way from the original Mega Man 2 soundtrack.

I’ll get another chance to buy this, hopefully, through some online retailer when the disc is officially released on the 15th.

See also: “Flash Me Back” by USK.

[Via Protodude]

"Flash Me Back" by USK.

Like several other dozens of chiptune artists, USK is at this weekend’s Blip Festival and is scheduled to perform tomorrow evening!

I’m not too familiar with most of his work, but he used to perform in a two-man group called Portalenz along with fellow Fukuoka-based Game Boy musician Maru, one of my favorite artists in the chiptune scene.

According to Gameboy Genius, there’s a live stream from Blip Festival running until tomorrow. Give it a listen!