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"Wayfinder" music video by Infinity Shred

I loved this track when we first posted it a few months ago, but now the band formerly known as Starscream has put together a gnar video to go along with it. Keep with the video past the first minute and a half — skateboards forever and ever.

Other chip music I’ve had in my headphones lately:

I also can’t get Kendrick Lamar and The Game’s new albums out of iTunes rotation. Why aren’t there chip mixes of “Swimming Pools” and “Ali Bomaye” yet?

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"Wayfinder" by Infinity Shred — or Starscream, as you might have known them by before the band recently changed its name due to legal issues. This is the first single from the newly named group, and its upcoming release EP 001 (Gnar Dream), releasing May 15.

As has become customary with these music links, other chiptune stuff I’ve been meaning to mention:

Oh, and you can buy that awesome “Wayfinder” song, which you really should listen to all the way, here.

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  • Source SoundCloud / Infinity Shred