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Monolith Soft’s X

Wind Waker HD looks hot and all, but we need to talk about this new Wii U project from the developer behind cult RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. Shit looks ridic.

Watch the trailer past the break — it starts off looking like a predictable Xenoblade follow-up with Monster Hunter elements, but then people start hopping into mechas that transform into futuristic cycles and slice up giant dino dudes. And we haven’t even mentioned the music yet, child. We haven’t even mentioned the music.

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♫ I wanna be neeeeext to you right now ♫

I can’t stop listening to “#X”, the new opening song for Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. This version is a little longer than the one in the trailer we posted when Atlus announced a U.S. release for next spring, but the song is still way too short at a minute and a half.

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X-Scape is X-Returns in Japan

Keeping up its tradition of renaming all of Q-Games’ DSiWare releases for different regions (e.g. Digidrive and Intersect, Trajectile and Reflect Missile, Starship Defense and Starship Patrol), Nintendo retitled X-Scape3D Space Tank in Europe — as X-Returns for Japan.

It’s a title that makes sense for a couple reasons

  1. Japan missed out on the R&B quartet of the same name that soulfully sang ’90s hit "Just Kickin’ It"
  2. The game’s Japan-only prequel was titled X

Anyway, I’m using this non-news as a jumping off point for two other X-Scape things I want to talk about.

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If you’d like to read about the lovely-looking X-Scape, or Q-Games, or other things with single consonants followed by hyphens and five additional letters, check out my Joystiq interview with Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert and Kazushi Maeta, and NCL’s Kazuyuki Gofuku.

And yes, I totally asked whether or not “Totaka’s Song” would be in the game — to which Gofuku said “I think it will live up to players’ expectations.” WINK WINK WINK.

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Is 3D Space Tank a follow-up to X?

Some time in the coming weeks, Q-Games will put out the third game from its DSiWare space trilogy, 3D Space Tank, probably showing up in Europe first. Nintendo and Q-Games haven’t disclosed much about the game beyond what you can surmise from its title, but GamerBytes notes this will likely release as X-Scape when in the U.S.

When Nintendo listed X-Scape in its early 2010 line-up a few months ago, I presumed the game was based on the defunct R&B group. Boing Boing’s Brandon Boyer, however, is a much wiser man than I and pointed out to me that this new DSiWare title could be a follow-up to another Q-Games-related release, X for Game Boy.

Since X shipped only in Japan, I’ll kick some (Wikipedia-stolen) knowledge for you about its significance:

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